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Mama's Day

Mother's Day will be here in three days! What will you do to celebrate the women who have helped shape the person you are today? Its quite simple really. Mamas just want to feel appreciated with kind gestures. A great community can help achieve that. Most Moms run on coffee, so be sure to have a hot pot ready to pour a nice cup of joe that morning with all the fun extra fixings, like flavored creamers and options of sweetners.

Maybe your community can go all out and have a nice prepared breakfast. Mothers sure would love a morning where they don't need to cook and instead be served. Lastly, and this may be my favorite, hand out flower stems to all the Mamas who step in the office that day. Being handed a flower puts a smile on anyone's face. Carnations are affordable and there are a variety of colors to choose from. Any way your community chooses to celebrate Mothers this year be sure to say Thank you! Being a Mama ain't easy!

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