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Spotlight: Lindsay and Mela

This month we are getting to know our amazingly creative Community Life team in City View at the Highlands, Lindsay and Mela.

How long have you been a part of the Community Life Program? - Mela: 8 months! - Lindsay: 3 years as of June 2018

What is your favorite Community Life memory? - Mela: Getting to connect with the people and new businesses in the building! Before I moved to Illinois, I lived in NYC and helped brands build businesses so it’s really cool that I get to help real people here do that - start their businesses and help them be successful, which is really cool. - Lindsay: Of course the events are tons of fun, but my favorite memories have been surrounding residents at both Green Trails and City View come to church with me. Being able to see life change take place by building community has been a huge gift. What motivates you as a team to be a part of Community Life? - Mela: The opportunity to help people and make them feel heard, and then to truly lead them to Christ. Doing life with people, building authentic relationships, and helping them to see what a life submitted to Christ sort of looks like is a pretty cool opportunity we have here in this building. - Lindsay: I agree with Mela. I love getting to know our residents and building relationships with them. I really enjoy the event planning and seeing residents enjoy the hard work we've put into planning events for them. Getting to see them interact with each other too! Also, often we hear people share their stories about loss, divorce, moving, etc. and it has allowed us to speak truth and love to them through Christ. What is the hardest thing you've had to do for Community Life? - Mela: I would say learning how to follow up and stay invested in new relationships. We meet so many people in the building and a lot of people know our faces - this and me being new to Illinois is a lot. I’m not naturally someone who seeks out new friendships or tries to relate to people who aren’t like me in some way, so being a CL team has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone in that way. I guess this doesn’t have much to do with our work, but it’s definitely Community Life related, Being a CL team is stretching me in a lot of good ways, so it’s hard but God-glorifying so it’s all good! - Lindsay: For me it would be learning the balance between my full time job and CL responsibilities. There are often a lot more things I wish we could be doing with Community Life at City View when it comes to local business relations that is just hard to make time with in between work, events, welcome visits, and church responsibilities.

List 3 small things that make your day better? - Mela: Good music, good friends, and good FOOD! - Lindsay: Coffee, coffee, and coffee :) Just kidding... Coffee, seeing my twin nieces on Facetime, and good music. If I could add a 4th it would be my boyfriend/friends/church community (did I just add 3 more?! whoops) What is something that is considered a luxury but you don't think you could live without? - Mela: Wifi! #FirstWorldThings - Lindsay: Definitely Wifi! I'm that girl that walks into every establishment and asks them for their wifi password if my phone hasn't automatically connected to xfinitywifi nearby! What are you currently reading/or if reading isn't your thing Whats on your DVR? - Mela: My New Yorker! and a few books I’m studying in the Word. - Lindsay: I've just started reading the book The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I also read a lot of Bon Appetit articles and magazines. What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years? - Mela: What year is it and is there food near by? - Lindsay: What method are we now using to listen to music? iPod? CD? have we reverted back to cassette tapes? something brand new? When people come to you for help, what to do they usually want help with? - Mela: Wisdom on how to handle a situation better. My friends definitely come to me for advice and a good laugh! - Lindsay: As a social worker, usually help with some crisis they're experiencing. Many of my friends often come to me for beer/cocktail advice too! What skill would you like to master?

- Mela: Hmm... I would really like to learn how to paint my own nails. It seems simple, but actually I'm not very good at painting my nails and I feel like that’s something I should know (read: a good way to save money!)

- Lindsay: Due to a recent CL event we had, I would have to say calligraphy! I really loved the event and have invested in some of my own calligraphy supplies since then. It's really relaxing to do, but takes a LOT of skill and patience.

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