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Ready, Set, Lease!

Although my state, Illinois, is getting hit with some late season snow, there’s no doubt that spring is near. With this warm weather comes the inevitable influx of new leases and new residents!

At Community Life, we’ve been a part of this cycle for 10 years. This year, we spent the entire month of March focusing our weekly leadership calls on this simple question: how can our Community Life mission, help give prospects a unique perspective about our properties?

As most people now know, leasing begins prior to prospects stepping onto your property. So, our teams have been focusing on an Online Reputation Management blitz and social media contribution. Our mission is to help make great neighborhoods, so we know there’s plenty for residents to share about their experiences. We also know that having events during peak leasing times, gives prospects a first-hand look into the unique community experience our teams help provide. We also provide visual aids to help people see the great neighborhood experience.

Our entire mission of building great neighborhoods focuses on building relationships with residents. So we want to make our teams available to prospects and new residents to make sure they know, there’s always someone there to care for them. Leasing season is coming, and building a genuine community is how we can help.

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