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Its National Beer Day!

Today is National Beer Day! If you're a fan of hoppy brewed goodness and finding new craft beers to try out, then you'll love this event idea... Craft Beer Night! It's a great way to get neighbors together that share a love of one of the oldest fermentted beverages in history. Lately, craft beers have been gaining popularity and bringing back some old brewing techniques.

Here is how to have a successful Craft Beer Night:

Cut down on cost by making it into a Potluck. Friends and Neighbors bring their favorite six pack of craft beers to share. This way, not only will there be a great variety of beers to choose from, but neighbors can learn more about each other's preferences, and it will cultivate conversation.

Have plenty of delicious snacks that pair well with the barley grain beverage. We're talking nuts, pretzels, Chex Mix, and salty chips! Here is a fun way to spruce up some regular pretzels.

Make sure to have other beverages available for those that choose to opt out of drinking alcoholic beverages, and have plenty of water as well!

These six pack beer cardboard carriers are a great way to have neighbors "shop around" for beer to bring home and try out later. This also manages the amount of consumption at the event.

This fun event is sure to put a crafty spin on building new relationships.


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