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Leasing busy season is here!

What is it about the warm weather that gets people out and on the move? I'm sure that being stuck inside during the cold is part of it. So while you're prepping your property (new landscaping, updating the signs, new flags, cleaning ups the cub appeal, balcony/patio checks), think about what separates you from the properties near you.

While new flowers are important, what else are renters looking for this leasing season? Could they be drawn to you all by a welcoming community and a way to get connected to their neighborhood? We think so!

Because of that, we've developed these postcards for our leasing staffs to hand out to prospects as they walk in the door. Not only do our properties have great amenities, welcoming staffs, and great neighborhoods, they have a community that seeks to find the neighbors in their midst and welcome them, that has many opportunities to get to know one another at events, that gives the neighbors a chance to give back and get involved, that partners with local businesses and organizations at events and on social media and that keeps everyone on the same place with e-newsletters. If used well, we think it's an easy sell.

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