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We're feeling LUCKY!

Feeling a little Irish? Wanna celebrate? Offer the party within the community, and everyone has a great time and can stay safe as well!

We love the idea of hosting a "Spuds and Suds" in our communities with a baked potato bar that people can customize to their own preferences. You can then partner with local brewery like our Maple Knoll team or getting a bunch of microbrews for people to try.

Nervous about offering alcoholic beverages at your property? Don't worry! You can instead find local places that make their own root beer like this little gem in downtown Indianapolis and offer tastings of this as well!

If you want the ultimate guide to the Ultimate Baked Potato, check out this tutorial.

Or since it's on a Saturday this year, offer a brunch option with green pancakes and pots of "golden" scrambled eggs!

Best decor I've ever seen at a St. Patrick's Day party with FREE printables here!

For more ideas, we have a whole board dedicated to St. Patricks' Day!

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