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Resident Event: National Plant a Flower Day

Its National Plant a Flower Day! Here is a fun way to celebrate with your residents and build community!

Supplies Needed:

- small plant pots

- large bag of potting soil

- flower seeds (Zinnias are the easiest to maintain)

- watering cans

- residents

- lots of TLC

- garden trowels (find on Amazon) or plastic spoons for scooping the soil into the pots

Optional: popsicle sticks to label each flower pot or owner of the plant

Grab a crowd and invite them with plenty of time to spare. Good idea to RSVP so you have an idea how many supplies to get prior to the event.

Set up a nice large space on the ground or large table. Cover the area with a disposable table cloth, for easy clean up. Put the supplies in order of when needed. Ex: place plant pots first then scooping tools then soil etc.

Thats all there is too it! Such a fun way to welcome in the spring, gather neighbors and friends, and celebrate National Plant a Flower Day!

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