Community Life Partners with Senior Living Communities

For the first time in the ten year history of Community Life, we have partnered specifically with senior living communities. The Community Life mission has always been the same, to help residents connect to their neighbors and neighborhoods, no matter who those residents are, or where they happen to live.

Just check out some of the features of these senior living communities!

• Full access lounge and theater

• Fitness gym,

• Library,

• Bistro,

• Bank,

• ATM,

• Gift shop,

• Onsite health clinic,

• Underground parking,

• Art room,

• Salon,

• Sewing room,

• Community stage,

• Full service dining,

• And more…. Sign me up!

These facilities really are their own neighborhoods.

The basic, core belief of the Community Life mission statement is that everyone will benefit from building valuable relationships within their neighborhoods. In other words, life is always better when there are caring people around you. Over ten years we have worked in a vast assortment of communities; working with about every life-stage and demographic imaginable. We look forward to our partnerships with our new senior living communities.

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