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Spotlight: Eric and Jamie of Brookdale on the Park

In 2018, we at Community Life would like to start a new tradition. Each month we would like to spotlight someone who is making a difference for Community Life. What better month to start this than February, the month all about love? We live by the pretense of "love thy neighbor". Therefore, we find February to be a very fitting month to start.

This month, we would like you to get to know one of our teams in Naperville, Illinois at a property called Brookdale on the Park. Below you will see and get to know a little about Jamie, Eric, and honorary team member, Gus.

How long have you been a part of the Community Life Program?

2.5 years, 3 in June!

What is your favorite Community Life memory?

Our "Friday Night Grill" events. During the warm months, we invite the whole neighborhood to have dinner together, chat, and swim. Its a great time! We've been able to try so many delicious home made dishes as well.

What motivates you as a team to be a part of Community Life?

We strongly believe in doing life with authentic intentional relationships. This is the main motivator for us; meeting people, building relationships, and deepening those relationships.

What is the hardest thing you've had to do for Community Life?

Conflict resolution. In community, especially close community, conflict is bound to arise. It's been difficult to navigate helping others resolve conflicts.

List 3 small things that make your day better?

1. Our dog, Gus, being the third team mate of our CL team! :)

2. Free time

3. A good meal with good company

What is something that is considered a luxury but you don't think you could live without?

Eric: Cable

Jamie: Having a pet

What are you currently reading?

Eric: "Untitled" by Blaine Hogan

Jamie: "Confessions of an Adoptive Parent" by Mike Berry

What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

Eric: "What happened?"

Jamie: "Where are my people?"

When people come to you for help, what to do they usually want help with?

We get a lot of asks for referrals for daycare, jobs, and/or doctors. We also are asked to help care for children and pets.

What skill would you like to master?

Eric: Guitar

Jamie: Dog training

Thank you Jamie & Eric for using your gifts to create such a genuine sense of community at Brookdale on the Park!

- From all of us at Community Life

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