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Event of the Month - Mardi Gras

Everybody knows that week long party in NewOrleans that occurs today, but you can bring the look and feel of Mardi Gras to your neighborhood too! Mardi gras is a holiday built around food and crafts which lends itself well to both entertaining and hosting.

At one of our properties, we celebrated Mardi Gras by decorating the clubhouse in green, yellow and purple themes. Everyone got beads just by walking in the door, but then as the night wore on and we played games, the winners would get extra beads.

The traditional food (Jambalaya, King Cake, Muffuletta Sandwiches, etc.) filled bellies and put smiles on faces.

And of course, whoever got the bean in the King cake was crowned king of the night!

To entertain those more craftsy, we had a station set up where you could make your own Mardi Gras mask.

And with just a little work, we created a fun and memorable night for everyone!

If you would like more Mardi Gras ideas, check out our Pinterest page where we've pinned some of our inspiration.

Happy Mardi Gras!

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