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Instant Community: Brought to you by Name Tags

What's so simple, and yet so forgotten, at events that helps people instantly feel connected? Name tags!

You can’t build meaningful connections without knowing who people are. Knowing their name is a significant first step.

It’s that recognition that helps residents warm up to the idea that they are a specific and unique part of the apartment community. When people are called by name, when they’re recognized, they feel a part of something. It starts with a person’s name! That person learns another’s name, and so on.

We've all been this guy before:

And just the simplest of stickers can help solve this problem for both you and others at the events!

But does it really matter if people know one another's names? Of course! Eventually, you have neighborhood that has increased senses of appreciation, familiarity, safety, and overall resident satisfaction. People always have a deeper sense of satisfaction when they feel recognized and accepted.

While the ol' Avery name tags work just fine, if you want some creative ways to make name tags for your guests, check out these Pinterest Ideas.

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