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Maple Knoll wins of Best Retention Program at the Midwest Prodigy Awards

What do you get when you have great service in a leasing office, awesome amenities, great maintenance, and a dedicated Community Life team? GREAT Retention!! And Maple Knoll is over the top in all of these!

The leasing and maintenance staff are top notch! And it shows up even on their online reviews, with residents calling out staff members by name to thank them for their hard work! We love how they go above and beyond to care for the residents. Their drive toward excellence has made this property stand out in Westfield.

This year they redesigned their clubhouse and fitness center, plus they have a great heated pool and waterfall. Community meeting spaces were designed to get neighbors connected including a bocce ball court and fire pit.

And the soul behind all the neighborhood events is this dedicated team who moved in a little over a year ago and have been consistently planning and executing four events each month on the property, so that residents could get to know one another and develop a genuine community. Between Darin's charm and enthusiasm to Jenna's organizational skills and huge heart for her neighbors, this team makes neighbors into friends. We're so proud of their work on this property.

And the results have shown this to be true. Congratulations Maple Knoll! You all deserved it!

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