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Building a Community within a Community

Something special is launching in Omaha!

Community Life just got back from the annual Purpose Built Communities Conference earlier this month, which was held at one of their newest associate projects in Omaha, Nebraska. We have partnered with the developers of Highlander Apartments, which is part of a unique community development project called Seventy 5 North.

Both Purpose Built and Seventy5North have the vision to help change neighborhoods and lives. Specifically, Seventy5North, was founded with one purpose: “To facilitate creating healthy, sustainable, mixed-income communities in the Highlander neighborhood.” This vision will happen through quality affordable housing, great partnership with the local school district, and many other significant relationships hosted at the onsite Accelerator center.

Omaha based Seldin Company, a current Community Life partner, will be the apartment management. And Community Life will be involved as well--specifically, to help the residents of the apartments get connected to their neighbors and neighborhood. These relationships will help contribute to healthy lives and a vibrant community. We can’t wait to serve the residents of Highlander Apartments and the neighborhood of Seventy5North.

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