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Do Something Nice Day

Today is National Do Something Nice Day! And we love all the ways that we see our neighbors reaching out and doing something nice! From Caleb telling Hannah how beautiful they look on their facebook photos (Just friends!) to Jordyn and Tiffany celebrating Aumaudra's birthday with her, to Lillie and Katie helping planning Amanda's wedding, we see neighbors reaching out and doing all kinds of incredibly nice things all the time here in our Communities. And we love to celebrate it!

Each month, our community managers and executives get stories of all the connections, care and contribution that happens in each community--all those small acts of kindness! And this month, this story came up. We'll let Chris, a Community Life member at High Point, tell the story:

"Deb is a retired English teacher who attends our Book/Movie club. We share a love for Stephen King novels. Last month, I learned that Stephen King was going to be in Naperville for an event promoting his new book, so I shared this with Deb. She was excited but also disappointed because it was in the evening--she doesn't drive after dark. I invited her to ride along with my son and I. While out for Thai food, we had a great discussion about creative writing, and had a blast at the event. Deb was thrilled to get her book signed by Stephen King. On the way home, she suggested that we do some creative writing exercises and share them with one another. Each of us were inspired by the event and the evening we had together."

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