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Connecting Great Neighbors to Great Partners

Every neighborhood has great partners, and the thriving neighborhoods are those in which partners are connected to neighbors so that business thrive, organizations prosper, lives are enriched, and community forms. So what makes a great partner?

Often organizations with similar goals as ours make great partners. In Beech Grove, Indiana, there's just one such organization called Life Bridge Community. They work in the school system in Beech Grove to provide an after school program that serves under-privileged kids. And each year, they buy school supplies and backpacks for their "Backpacks of Love" event where they give away these supplies to any kid who also goes to school in the Beech Grove school system.

This year, one of our properties partnered with them to promote this event and even send some neighbors to help volunteering giving away backpacks! In return, they got to serve their own community through this program, many children signed up for their after school program, and in the future, Life Bridge is looking to connect more through Community Life events held in this community!

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