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5 Things you should know about online reputation management

Over the past five and half years, J Turner Research has examined the mechanics of online apartment reviews and monitored the online reputation of about 78% of the country’s apartment properties. Here are the 5 things you should know:

  1. 75% of searching residents look at ratings and reviews in their apartment search process.

  2. 75% of searching residents said that they look at ratings and reviews multiple times before deciding to visit.

  3. Most searching residents are only moderately likely, on average, to rent at a property personally recommended by a friend if it has a negative online reputation.

  4. Reliance on online ratings in the apartment research process has risen by 10% in the past two years.

  5. The top five sites are: Google,, Facebook,, and Yelp.

You can read the full article here.

In the month of March 2017, Community Life conducted yet another Reputation Management Blitz. This time using as their platform. Below are the results from the participating properties with a Community Life Team:

  1. The average participating Community Life property witnessed an average of 5 brand new positive reviews.

  2. The average participating Community Life property witnessed an average of a 21% rise in online reputation rating/score.

  3. Multiple participating Community Life properties witnessed over a 30% rise in online reputation rating/score.

  4. Combined, the participating Community Life properties received over 45 positive recommendations by verified residents on this platform.

Case Study:

One great example of how Community Life could affect a property’s online reputation is at Brookdale on the Park in Naperville, IL. Below is an example of what having Community Life at a property could do for it’s residents, community, and actual reputation:

Here's some of the reviews that were written:

“We have lived in this community for almost a year now and it has more than made us feel at home. Angela from the office is always smiling and ready to help. The maintenance staff is really quick when it comes to responding to requests. they have an online portal which i really like because it allows me to raise service requests, pay my rent, pay utility bills, etc. The community is very peaceful and beautiful with ponds and bridges all over. The management has been renovating the apartments and the hallways, etc. which gives the whole place a new feel. When we moved in last year, we literally got brand new appliances in our apartment. Jamie and Erick from the community life program have helped us getting in touch many other families here. They keep arranging events every month and boy it has been a pleasure attending those events. We moved here straight from Germany and it was a big cultural change for us; these two welcomed us to the community personally, got us introduced to other families as well. Thanks to the entire team for making our stay here absolutely wonderful... looking forward to many more years here…”

“I’m a current resident and moved from out of state 6 months ago and I was really impressed with this complex building. I’ve lived in a few large complex and usually you could observe it was only “I paid my rent and hope I didn’t need anything from the building” style. The Brookdale on the Park is different. They have the Community Life program, managed by Jamie and Eric that is fantastic. It makes you feel part of the community. I’ve done countless activities within this program. I’ve met some people that now I consider part of my family. Also the couple times I need maintenance (minor things), they were really efficient. I strongly recommend Brookdale on the Park.”

“I have being a resident for almost 3 years and this place really feels like home! From the costumer service at the leasing office to the maintenance personnel I always receive the best care. What differentiates this property from others I lived is the Community Life lead by an amazing couple - Jamie and Eric. The events are focused on building the relationship amongst the residents making me feel like I am part of a big family. Thank you”

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