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Maintenance... one key for customer satisfaction

When maintenance men go above and beyond, it's often a thankless task. But we just love it when they do it anyways!

And in this case, the neighbor reached out on Facebook and left a review!

"Shout out to the maintenance men of this complex! My air randomly went out Friday night but was not considered an emergency but the man on call called me back anyways to talk with me about it and gave me some tips. I know he probly didn't even have to call back considering it wasn't an emergency but he did anyway. That was very kind of him. They came bright and early Monday morning to get started on the problem. After a few tries that didn't work he went and got me a window unit to help cool it down for the meantime because it was so hot in there. Naturally as soon as he got the unit up and running the other guy got my air to kick back on. I just wanted to tell u how grateful I am for those two men for not making me wait all day for them to come and getting it done quick."

Well done, Beech Meadow!

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