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Teaching at the IAA all about Resident Retention

Last week, we got the chance to talk with apartment managers, leasing agents and other apartment professionals all about resident retention! We had over 60 people in attendance as I and Dan Vallaro described the importance of a culture of community in resident retention. We had some great discussions, and I brought our research which has profoundly impacted how we do Community Life on properties to increase resident retention.


Here's some of the links to that!

Statisfacts: Brand Management means neighbors and social opportunities are 2 most of the important influences in leasing and renewal

Developers Wary of the Cost of Amenities

Multifamily Insiders: Correlation between friends/retention

Case Study: Lincoln’s Commitment to 3rd Place


Also we want to thank the IAA for inviting us to teach about something that we are so passionate about. We had a great time, and if anyone would like follow-up information or to have coffee with us, feel free to get in touch.

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