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How we bring value to properties.

“Successful apartment management companies are differentiating themselvesby generating a sense of community and belonging among their residents.”
Michael Drago - J.D. Power and Associates

All our work creates touch points along the resident retention life cycle. These points in turn change the reputation online of the property, encourage retention and create a great customer service experience for the property. And here's the numbers to prove it. 

Online Reputation Management

Increased the average score by 43% annually

Customer Service Interactions

On average, 6,568 Touch Points per year per property


530 TOUCH POINTS per month per property

Resident Retention

Properties with Community Life have a 11.12% Higher Monthly Resident Retention


Annualized Resident Turnover

Properties with Community Life have a 10.55% Lower Average Annualized Turnover

Which makes us a good investment.

Between the leads generated, the renewals, and the customer service experience, Community Life brings value to the properties in which we live and serve. 

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