The Community Life Opportunity

Every neighborhood should offer its people a sense of belonging. Community Life is passionate about helping each individual find their place in a larger community. We build a culture of genuine community by helping residents engage in personal interests that connect them to their neighbors and environment. We do this by employing web-based social networking tools and street-level personal contact to invite residents into community.We want to grow apartments into homes and neighborhoods into communities, fostering relationships that help residents invest in their localities in meaningful ways. When residents feel anchored and fulfilled, they tend to reach out, inviting others into the same sense of place and security. Community Life then becomes a valuable system of self-sufficient community maintenance, truly empowering residents to flourish.

Method: Our method is simple. We place a team of community volunteers to live inside of the apartment and lead the efforts! Community life applies asset based community techniques and creates value for residents in both under resourced and mainstreamed communities.